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Installing Swidget Is A Snap

Installing Your Swidget Outlet

Check out the simple steps below to see if you want to install the Swidget Outlet yourself or get some help from a professional. Installing Swidget is easy. Instructions can be found in three places:

  • In the infographic or video on this page
  • In the Resources section in My Account
  • In the Swidget Outlet package

If you aren’t comfortable replacing an outlet, talk to your electrician. Remember, always follow your local building code, and if you install the Swidget Outlet yourself, get it inspected by a certified electrician.

Tools Needed

Slot screwdriver, Phillips screwdriver, Needle-nose pliers

Don’t Forget!

A neutral wire is required, it works with copper wiring only (no aluminum), always follow your local building code and if you install it yourself, get it inspected by a certified electrician to be safe.


Safety First

Turn off power to the outlet (turn off the breaker) 


Out With The Old

Remove cover plate and outlet from wall and disconnect wires from outlet


Get Wired

Straighten any bent wires and connect the Swidget Outlet wires to existing wires (white to white; black to black)


Stay Grounded

Connect bare wire to Swidget ground screw (screw is green)


In With The New

Install Swidget Outlet into wall box using exisiting screws. Attach wall plate with existing screws.


Power Up!

Turn power back on and you’re all set!

Video Tutorials

Swidget Outlet Installation Video
Swidget Insert Installation Video

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